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There are so many people out of work for whatever reason. They search classified ads and fill out applications in hopes of getting hired somewhere. Most folks with a good head on their shoulders wouldn't ever bother looking for work on websites that promote 'legit online' jobs. Why is this? Let's face it. Any time you see the words "make money from home online" or "legit work from home opportunities", it just puts a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it? At least, whenever I see some ad on my computer screen pop up that promotes so called "work from home jobs", I know NOT to click on it; it just feels cheap and trashy because most people know these companies are scams. It's true; 29 out of 30 companies that claim to be legit work from home online businesses are actually fraudulent in some way. That's a really sad statistic and it means there are way too many people out there being taken advantage of by these companies that offer nothing but get rich quick hype.
Lately, I've been spending a lot of my free time trying to learn more about these so called work from home opportunities and websites that apparently offer legit online jobs to innocent people like myself. I've been searching for a treasure in hopes of finding at least one truly legit work from home company. And guess what? To my surprise, I did recently stumble upon a little gem, and I've made several hundred dollars off of them. I know that's not a lot, but it's still something. I'd like you to know that there really ARE legit ways you can make at least a second income online. Here are a few of the legit online jobs that I have found; I guarantee you can make some good money with these too:
  • Traditional Data Entry - You listen to audio files of focus groups or interviews and type out everything that's spoken, word for word.

  • Global Data Entry - You paste special web links to different high traffic places on the internet. Any time someone clicks on these links, you get money deposited into your bank account.

  • Content Article Writing - You write short articles for companies in need of them. They are easy to complete and you can make some great money just for writing short articles.
There are quite a few other legit online jobs I found, but these are just three for now that I thought to be very interesting. So far, I've made the most money with Traditional Data Entry, and while it doesn't pay the bills, I've earned way more money than I ever could have expected to earn.
Visit to learn more about my journey to discover real ways to make an income online. I'm a Chicago Public Schools teacher, and while I am grateful for the career I have, I'm also on a mission to learn the truth regarding how much money you can realistically make working online.

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