How I Make Money Online: The Big Secret to Success

When I first started back in 2008, I was completely lost. I went around on all the social media websites spamming people, trying to attempt to make a sale. I quickly realized that this was not the way to do things. If I wanted to make money online, I had to do something different. I had to come up with a plan to make my future a good one. So what did I do to turn around my business?
I stopped following everyone else. In other words, I decided to follow people who were actually getting results in their business. I decided to invest in my education and learn everything I could about marketing products online. So what did I learn?
I learned that you must leverage technology to build your home based business. I learned that you needed to build a list of people who were interested in what it is you offer. This was a huge turning point for me. People who were actually interested in my offer?! Wow! I was so used to twisting people's arms to get them to buy my stuff. Now it was easy.
So what do you leverage? Well, you leverage more time. You create leverage with great marketing techniques. Techniques like article marketing, e-zine advertising, PPC marketing, Banner advertising and solo ads. These things give you leverage in your business. When you can send quality traffic to a high converting offer, you will make money. Period!
So how do I make money online? Let me break it down. Pay attention, this is important if you want to succeed. I did three things. I created a lead capture page, a follow-up email series and actively advertised that capture page. I first started using free advertising techniques to build my business. I started writing articles and submitting them to the top article directories. And the most beautiful thing about this is the people who read my articles were much more likely to join my mailing list. Why is this?
They decided that I gave value. I didn't beg them to purchase my products. If you were on a first date, would you ask that person to come home with you? No way! I guess it depends on what you were going to do. LOL. But here's my point. I discussed something that they could get value from. Then, they see my call to action at the bottom of the article. They decide to click on that link, and join my list.
You can do this too. Once they are on your list, don't bomb them with sales pitch after sales pitch. Offer some value. Create a follow-up series that teaches them something really cool. Once they've learned from you, they will decide whether they want to purchase your products.
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