Top 2 Sites to Earn Money From Online Surveys

There are many things to consider when determining the top 2 sites to earn money for online surveys. You need to think about payments, reliability, how legit they are, and how often they update their list of survey offers. The two websites below have all of those things and more.
Let's start off with the top site to earn money for online surveys...
Fusion Cash - For starters, they've been around for about 5 years. On average, a survey sites last two years, which is a very short life. Only about 10% of websites make it to the five year mark and that's because they are trustworthy. Most people stick with the places they feel the most comfortable with and Fusion Cash is one of those places. First off, they pay well. On average, they've paid me 20% more cash for every survey I take, compared to the smaller websites. Secondly, they update their list of survey offers every couple of days.
A good place will put new ones up every five days or so, because the quotas become filled pretty quickly. People who take them after five days will not earn money from online surveys that have already been close by the company supplying it. That's why they are one of the top 2 survey sites. Also, I have nothing but respect for their customer service department. Every time I've had a question, they've gotten back to me within 2 days, although most times it's within a single day.
Global Test Market - If you haven't heard about them, you've probably been living under a rock. They are pretty much the innovators of the survey industry and they haven't slowed down yet, which is why they're one of the top 2 sites. In fact, over 50% of the smaller websites use Global's own online surveys to give to their members as a way to earn money. How is that for respect? They also give you two ways to make some cash. You can go onto their website and take survey offers from their always growing list, or you can check your inbox, because they always send exclusive ones via email. Not many websites offer both of these methods, which is why you can pretty much make double what you would have gotten from any other website.
Expert Author Adam WoodhamWhen it comes to payments, reliability and trust, these are the top 2 survey sites to earn money for online surveys.
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